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Create a safe snack list for your event

in less than a minute

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Group snacking for everyone

Say goodbye to confusing food labels and juggling multiple allergy/dietary restrictions. Create lists of safe snacks and share with your classroom, team, troop or group in minutes.

How does it work?

You select your group’s allergens and automatically generate a safe list of snacks. We send you an email with a link to your list that you can share with your group or via text, email, or digital tool (sign-up genius, evite, team snap, doodle, band, facebook, etc.). That’s it!
“As a parent and physician who treats children, I am ever more aware of the challenges facing our children daily and how they affect their physical and mental health. Snack Roots allows for opportunities to foster inclusion of all children despite food allergies and sensitivities. It provides an easily accessible way for anyone to organize safe food options and share them with others. It is very innovative and user friendly, which is very much appreciated for all of us in our busy lives. Thank you to the founders for creating and maintaining this wonderful resource.”
– Dr. Jena Khera, MD, Pediatric Neurologist
“As an Elementary School Nurse, class parties are one of the most difficult times to keep our students with food allergies safe. Most parents of children without food allergies really worry and want to send in safe items, but just don’t know how. SnackRoots is the perfect solution. It is easy to use and quickly gives multiple safe snack ideas… and you can even order these with no price increase on the site and have it delivered to your home. I recommend SnackRoots to all the parents who ask for help finding allergy safe food items.”
– Jayna Ruff D’Herete, RN, BSN, Licensed School Nurse
“SnackRoots is incredibly helpful to parents, teachers and families that are navigating allergies and dietary restrictions. It was very easy to use and once I entered our allergies and restrictions, I had great and SAFE snack options to provide the students in my daughter’s classroom. I thought it was such a helpful tool that I reached out and suggested that all room parents in the school should be given this resource. What an awesome idea that will help keep all kids safe and satisfied.”
– Blair Cerny, 1st Grade Teacher and former Assistant Principal
“As a food allergy mom, who happens to be a school administrator, SnackRoots offers a simple, convenient way to create and share safe food snack lists. SnackRoots can assist parents, teachers and caregivers in creating a more inclusive environment without being a food allergy expert.”
– Kathy Ellison, Assistant Principal